A Bemidji First?

Pelican RailRoad with four guest blues harpist

Saturday started with rain but five minutes before I arrived at the gig the clouds parted and the sun shown brightly for the remainder of a wonderful day of outdoor live music. We were down at Slim’s Bar & Grill for the 9th annual Bike Rally. There were loads of awesome bikes on hand and some really sweet rides took the trophys. Pelican RR was having a great time that included a highlite that we believe may be a Bemidji First. We had four blues harp players in the crowd three of which had shared the stage with us before and one first timer with the RaiRoad. The song was Got My Mojo Working and the Harpists were Rick Hoff, Michael Bibeau, Paul Sheppard & Richard Moline. It was an incredible sound that followed! The mix was referred to as a cross between multiple trains approaching and a marching bagpipe band. All this couched in a ripping twelve bar blues in A that would have raised of few old blues legends from thier graves. Thankfully everyone had the appropriate harp in there pocket. As each harpist took a solo (two each) the song changed character a bit with the soloists adding there very distinctive take on the effort and then swinging back to the band for rousing choruses and then finally everyone altogether for the big finish. The moment was as long as it was impressive and all ten of us on stage at the end just kind of stood there in amazement at what had just taken place. Thanks to the harpists and to all the members of the band for an outstanding show.



Pelican RailRoad with four guest blues harpist

~ by Drew on June 15, 2009.

2 Responses to “A Bemidji First?”

  1. What a group of harmoni-cats…Sounds like a once in lifetime happening.

  2. This was truly an outstanding moment. I’m so glad Wren and I saw/heard it live, which is so rare for us. A coup for Pelican.

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