Bemidji Music Scene this weekend

Last night was a good night for live music connoisseurs in the Bemidji area. Uncle Shurley at Brigid’s where I got a chance to sit in on Jake’s axe while he played Bass and Rob played keyboard on a new tune. Thanks guys!! :).  Also downtown at the Backyard BBQ Rockhouse was rocking the house with new guitar player Matt Eidsvoog and they will be there again tonight. North of town at Jammers Nite Club there was the usual Friday open Jam with a enthusiastic audience and the usual compliment of fine musicians. This is where I found myself for the better part of the late night musical extravaganza. Cowboy John as we loving refer to him as was there until closing with myself and we got into some very understated tasty picking on tunes that we rearranged on the spot to compliment our style of the moment. Support Live Music it will nurture your psyche.

~ by Drew on May 9, 2009.

One Response to “Bemidji Music Scene this weekend”

  1. I was there, I can vouch for the very cool experience the music was.

    Thanks for the experience.


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