Pelican RailRoad at Jammers Nite Club

I had a great run last week at Jammers Nite Club in the Acoustic Lounge Thursday through Sunday. We have been playing following the presentation of Harold Pinter’s The Birthday Party. On Thursday we kicked off our weekly series which will continue through the end of the year and will also be where we bring a lot of new material to the stage for consideration and most of this will be original compositions. Friday always brings out amazing musicians from around the area for Bemidji’s finest open jam session. This week we had performers from as far as the Twin Cities who make Jammers a priority on every visit north. We also had some new faces who really had it going on. On Saturday Aaron Tank & I held down the fort with a little help from Jim who blew some awesome harp and Caleb (Uncle Shurley vocalist) who joined us all three nights after his efforts in the preceding play. We will do this all again this coming Th-Sat 9:30pm-1am and many more magical music moments will be shared.


~ by Drew on April 27, 2009.

One Response to “Pelican RailRoad at Jammers Nite Club”

  1. Remember when I used to be at every one of your performances? That was B.W. of course. Ahh, the sacrifices of motherhood. Sounds like a great time. My man rocks!

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