Pelican RailRoad plays Jammers Nite Club’s Mid-Winter Break Party

Jammers Acoustic Lounge 011709

Jammers Acoustic Lounge 011709


Pelican RailRoad “Acoustic” played Saturday night for the Mid-Winter Break Party at Jammers in the Acoustic Lounge. This is the last blast for a couple of months as Bart & Dawn regroup and retool for the Spring. The Band is hoping to return on Thursday April 2nd or shortly there after and at that time we will have another enormous celebration.

Saturday night started off well with Steve Ross doing an excellent job sitting in on Bass for the “still in transit from the Cities” Sista Groove who arrived just at the end of the first set. The audience was awesome and as always in the Acoustic Lounge thier participation on misc hand percussion gave the show its own distinct character for the evening.

There was a nice spread of snacks and an awesome chili as well to ward off the cold during what was actually a pretty balmy night comparatively as of late.

In the near future the band will endeavor to enter and exit a Recording Studio resulting in a product for sale and promotion by the time we commence with Thursdays in the Acoustic Lounge at Jammers. For a sample of what we will be working on check out: Turn It Up

I would very much like to thank all of you have supported Pelican RailRoad and Original Live Music over this last year. We will continue to play every Wednesday 8:30pm down at the Backyard BBQ (formely Hard Times Saloon) 119 3rd St Bemidji. 218 444 4539.



~ by Drew on January 19, 2009.

One Response to “Pelican RailRoad plays Jammers Nite Club’s Mid-Winter Break Party”

  1. It certainly was a great turnout at Jammer’s. How fun it was to drive up to a full parking lot!

    We have spent many months now with the weekly honing of our craft at Jammer’s, nurtured in the cosy acoustic corner, and look forward to returning with tangible fruit of our labor in the form of a CD.

    At least I do, anyway. 🙂

    Tracy “SistaGroove” Johnson

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